IEDefender Defends…Nothing

Are you tired of rogue anti-spyware infecting your computer yet?We are and there seems to be a never ending stream of these nasty programs currently invading the Internet.Here’s another rogue program that has recently begun to prowl the Internet is IEDefender.It sounds like it is supposed to ‘defend’ Internet Explorer, but this program – and it’s band of affiliate followers – sneaks onto your computer via a Trojan virus it bundles itself with that a Browser Helper Object triggers while you are surfing the Internet.Oh, and just so you know, there are some fake video codecs attached to that Trojan, making it look all official like.

Like it’s siblings in rogue anti-spyware land, IEDefender will alert you to security problems in the form of extreme amounts of spyware and malware on your computer.The alerts that are sent up by this annoying program and its band of followers are had to close on the screen and they tempt you enough to make you almost cave into their demands to buy the full IEDenfender program.Of course, if you should happen to cave under pressure, let it be known that you have just been ripped off.

IEDefender – thanks to its host Trojan – installs itself onto your computer and proceeds directly to the job of hijacking your web browser.You may not realize that your browser has been taken over until you do a search through Google, MSN, or Yahoo.Instead of getting just your search results, you get you results with a fake error message within it.The message looks legitimate as it actually uses the name of the search engine you are browsing with in the alert, making it look as if the search engine sent up the alert and not the rogue anti-spyware.Here is what the actual fake alert messages say:

Google Error:

“Your computer is infected! Some of your search results were changed by spyware. You have to clean your pc and we recommend to use our anti-spyware!”

Yahoo Error:

“Your computer is infected! Some of your search results were changed by spyware. You have to clean your pc and Yahoo Team recommend to use our ANTI-SPYWARE!”

Just out of curiosity, did anyone notice the bad grammar in these two warnings?

Okay, first off, Google and Yahoo would not recommend that you use their anti-spyware to remove an infection on your computer.They are going to assume that you already have an anti-spyware program already installed.Shame on you if you don’t.Secondly, why would these two search engines tell you that your computer is infected?We can understand them warning you that a known site is infected, but a search engine is not going to privy to your computer information.

Or is it?

These rogue anti-spyware programs have a bad habit of sending information back to an unknown third-party to be used for nefarious purposes against you.They have already violated your privacy by illicitly downloading itself onto your computer without your permission.They’ve messed up your search engine capabilities.Ten to one says that you can be assured that your computer’s registry and other settings – especially Internet settings – have also been compromised.

Don’t be tempted by IEDefender’s pleas to download their licensed software.If you click on their link and go to their homepage, it’s already too late.The Trojan, with the bad video codecs and IEDefender has already infected your computer.

We suggest that you use a legitimate anti-spyware detection program like ZookaWare PC Cleaner to get rid of this program.There are methods of uninstalling the files by hand, but unless you are a true computer techie and can make your way around the operating files and registries of your computer in your sleep, manual removal is not suggested.Give ZookaWare PC Cleaner a try to see if you are infected and to help you remove the rogue program and all of its friends.

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ZookaWare runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select ZookaWare and click Uninstall.

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