Iframe.gd is a Trojan Downloader spyware program that injects an HTML parser code to exploit websites that use Linux as their operating systems.  It exploits a particular weakness in order to exploit users in one of three ways at this time, depending on the iFrame spyware that is attached.

1. It can either steal log in information from the user to exploit online memberships, including bank, credit card, and other accounts that would have personal financial information.
2. It can directly steal credit card information under the pretense of being a security measure.
3. It can hijack the users’ browser and redirect them to a website where they can get infected with a malware cocktail that exploits weaknesses in several popular programs, including Windows and RealPlayer.  The goal appears to be to steal gaming passwords by keystroke logging in order to steal characters in online games.  Online gaming characters now have “real world” monetary value.

The way the iFrame programs steal user information is by opening a false login window or other input windows before the actual login window opens.

Online gamers have become an increasingly popular target for exploitation on the Internet.  Game at your own risk.

Trojan-Downloader.JS.Iframe.gd, Iframe-Cash, Iframe-Dollars

Associated Files:
An HTML parser code

before=”name=userid autocomplete=’off’></DIV>”
<DIV><LABEL for=userid>ATM PIN</LABEL>:<BR><SPAN class=’mozcloak’><INPUT id=pin tabIndex=2 maxLength=4 type=password size=4 name=pin autocomplete=’off’></SPAN></DIV>



<TR><TD colspan=3 class=smallArial noWrap><SPAN STYLE=’color ed’>To prevent fraud enter your credit card information please:</SPAN></TD></TR>

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