Is It Memorex Or Is It LiveAntiSpy?

Do you remember those commercials?  ‘Is it live or is it Memorex?’  Well, trust us when we tell you that this is definitely not Memorex in any way, shape or form.  Actually LiveAntiSpy is a clone of the anti-spyware program SpySheriff.  Both of them are nasty programs that get a hold of your computer system and just take over.  It’s like LiveAntiSpy walked into your house, took off its shoes, propped its socked feet up on your coffee table and started eating your entire bag of Doritos…without being invited in.

Of course this program, like every other rogue anti-spyware is also trying to get a hold of your hard earned money by making you think that it is the only program out on the market that will work to remove all the malicious files on your computer.  The program does this by scanning you computer and then displaying an overinflated report of infected files.  The interesting thing to note here is that the files the program displays actually include Windows operating systems files that if you were to remove from your computer would cause you a whole world of trouble.

Remember us comparing LiveAntiSpy to an uninvited guest in your house?  Well, that’s how it got on your computer.  It slipped in through the backdoor of your computer – read security problem – and took up residence on your hard drive.  More than likely it was included with the programming of a Trojan virus that slipped through the same backdoor.  So now you have both a Trojan virus AND rogue anti-spyware programs on your computer.  Are we having fun yet?  LiveAntiSpy just ate all your Doritos.

You know what else it did?  It just rearranged your entire house and repainted the walls a hideous color.  LiveAntiSpy can change your computer registry, change all of the settings on your Internet browser, change your desktop wallpaper, and start flashing uncontrollable pop-ups onto your computer screen like a strobe light at a disco.  And the more it moves through ‘house’ redecorating things, the worse your computer is going to run.  It will slow down to the point where it may actually stop all together.

Like an uninvited guest, getting rid of LiveAntiSpy is a pain in the…you know where.  You can remove it one of two ways: delete the individual files that are corrupting your system if you are comfortable working with operating files and the registry, or by using a legitimate anti-spyware programs like ZookaWare PC Cleaner to do the job.  When you use a legitimate program, it will quarantine the files and then permanently remove them from the system for you.  Sort of like calling the police and asking them to physically remove that annoying guest from your home.

Once you have confirmation that the rogue program is gone, make sure you run your anti-virus program to remove any viruses that are on your system.  If you don’t, you are just leaving your computer system open to another unwanted guest…who will come in and eat up that new bag of Doritos you just bought and not even leave you a crumb.

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