MsMovies is a Worm

Labeled as a Trojan, MsMovies is a self-replicating software application that can cause your computer to malfunction.  If your PC is just not acting normal, you could be infected, especially if you visit and download software or music from file sharing sites such as KaZaa, Morpheus, Shareaaza, Grokster, and Limewire.

Because MsMovies copies itself to the shared folders of many free file sharing sites, it can easily piggyback onto your computer without your knowledge or consent.  Once it backs itself up in your Windows folder, it normally invites another worm (W32.Spybot), which does more damage to your already at-risk PC.

Are you experiencing strange happenings on your PC and you’re not sure what the problem is?  This software application changes your System 32 folder in the Windows directory, which causes your system to start failing.  In the initial stages, you may notice some quirky things but simply ignore them.  This is not good.  At the first sign of trouble, you should act fast to prevent the spread of unwanted software on your PC.

MsMovies is a bit tricky because it works in the background, so you may not notice it if you take a look inside your Windows directory.  You may have been fooled by fake Internet alerts telling you, “You are infected.”   Regardless of how MsMovies made its way onto your computer, you want it gone ASAP.  You can do this with ZookaWare PC Cleaner’s free scan.  This will let you know if indeed you are infected with MsMovies, as well as any other potential threats you may be storing.  It won’t cost you anything, so scan your PC right now with ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

Relative file contents :
Program Files%\MsMovies\MsMovies.exe


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