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MySearch is a web browser toolbar for searching on a user’s Internet browser.  Complete with customizable search functions, MySearch is an attractive add-on for your web surfing, but don’t be fooled.  Once your searches are processed, MySearch can send a request to their servers that includes your keyword query, time of day, your browser type, language settings, IP address, anonymous ID, and code, which identifies the source of the user’s MySearch application.

Mysearch is a type of browser hijacker.  If you aren’t sure what a browser hijacker does, it can change your Internet web browser settings without your permission.  Some security companies don’t even include MySearch in their database, claiming the toolbar doesn’t actually pose any privacy or security risks, nor does it deliver any pop-up advertisements.  However, it can take over your Internet browser’s homepage and is typically bundled with other software, including downloads from Grokster, Morpheus, WeatherBug, as well as software from, just to name a few.

Removal can appear impossible since each time you reset your homepage, MySearch works its magic and appears again on the next reboot. Since dealing with registry files is tricky, you want to be sure that you delete the correct files, or you could actually do more harm than good to your PC.

To be certain that you can safely remove MySearch and other adware, malware, or adware components, try Spyzooka spyware removal software.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner requires no technical experience, and it can be done in a few easy steps.

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