NProtect Does Not Protect! Find and Remove NProtect

NProtect uses its name to try and make you think it is helpful software, but it is not.  It monitors your web browsing activity and may change your system and browser settings so that it starts up immediately when your computer does.

NProtect’s primary activity is to deliver advertisements to your computer.  It tries to deliver targeted advertisements by monitoring your online activity, thereby violating your privacy.

How does NProtect end up on your computer?  It may install itself from one of many malicious websites, finding its own way through a backdoor in your computer.  It may also come installed with some free software, such as shareware, P2P software, or bit torrent managers and downloaders.

It has also been found bundled with the PYKSPA.D worm and KKiller Trojan.  NProtect’s presence on your computer may signify even more serious, unknown threats.  We highly recommend that you use quality anti-spyware (we prefer ZookaWare PC Cleaner) to find and eliminate threats to your computer.  Anti-spyware programs are also useful if you wish to avoid further threats.

Relative file contents:

Registry values:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTclsid{9a19966f-ae0e-4699-8cce-9b6f5f1c352c} HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT    ypelib{9a19966f-ae0e-4699-8cce-9b6f5f1c352c} 9a19966f-ae0e-4699-8cce-9b6f5f1c352c

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