Peepviewer is a remote administration tool (RAT). RATs give an attacker complete access to infected computers. What each RAT does depends on the attacker’s needs. They are capable of logging keystrokes, intercepting e-mail, taking screenshots, stealing sensitive files, installing more malware and much more. Basically, anything you can do on your computer the attacker can do as well.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner offers a free scan to anyone suspecting Peepviewer or other spyware. It will detect 100% of spyware currently on your computer. Click the button below to begin your free scan.


[Kaspersky] Backdoor.NetBull.11.a,
Backdoor.PeepViewer.10, Backdoor.PeepViewer.201,
Backdoor.PeepViewer.201.a, Backdoor.PeepViewer.202
[Eset] Win32/NetBull.11 trojan
[McAfee] BackDoor-AET
[F-Prot] security risk or a “backdoor” program
[Panda] Bck/NetBull.11.srv, Backdoor Program, Bck/PeepViewer.B,
Bck/PViewer.201, Bck/PeepViewer.A, Backdoor Program.LC,
Bck/NetBull.11, Bck/NetBull.11.cli
[Computer Associates] Backdoor/BackOrifice.CheckDLL,
Win32.NetBull.11, Backdoor/PeepViewer.1.0,
Backdoor/PeepViewer.201, Backdoor/PeepViewer.201!Server,
Backdoor/PeepViewer.202, Backdoor/ChatServer!Dropper,

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