PersonalAntivirus – A Virus in Its Own Right

Although you may receive alerts from PersonalAntivirus informing you of security threats and other infections, don’t buy it. This application is actually a threat itself, and immediate removal is indicated. This is just another rogue application created to steal innocent users’ money. Scare tactics are used, just like most other fake antispyware programs.

PersonalAntivirus will display messages to the user, stating that their pc has all kinds of infections and security threats present. This will frighten the average user, who will then download their product for a free scan. Once this is completed, the results will indicate that threats and infections are so severe that you must purchase the fully licensed version in order to restore security to your computer. These results are totally false.

PersonalAntivirus cannot detect anything at all. It certainly cannot remove parasites, and usually there are none present to begin with. False positive results are shown, which are the exact same results that are shown to every other user. Removal is necessary because the longer rogue applications like this reside on your pc, the more infections they can install.

This program commonly installs itself on your computer when you visit malicious websites. Most users are completely innocent, and don’t realize that it is installed until they begin experiencing the symptoms. You may notice that your system becomes unstable, your browser redirects, and you get all sort of pop-up windows warning of security threats. Often, you are unable to visit desired websites because PersonalAntivirus blocks your attempts.

As with spyware, this application can collect information about you and your surfing habits in order to sell it to third parties. Passwords, credit card numbers and other personal business you conduct online are not safe from these malicious software programs. This is why it must be removed immediately, to protect both the health of your computer and your personal identity.

Manual removal is possible, but we don’t recommend it. A professional who is highly educated in this type of process may be successful, but any errors can cause severe damage to your pc. The use of a reliable antispyware tool is indicated for this process. With PersonalAntivirus, some files are difficult to locate because of their random names and locations. Manual removal is a very delicate process that requires exact precision.

While there are many legitimate antispyware tools available, the majority of them are not technologically advanced enough to handle some malicious applications. They will leave parasites that must be removed in order to totally restore security. Spyzooka is the only antispyware product that will remove every last trace of spyware, worms, trojans and other parasites. In fact, we guarantee that Spyzooka will remove 100% of these infections or your money back. Restore complete security to your pc as well as your private information.

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ZookaWare runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select ZookaWare and click Uninstall.

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