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If you have heard of a program by the name of malware removal bot, it is probably not for a good reason. In fact, most people familiar with this program became familiar with it because they were taken advantage of. And while there is nothing I can do to eliminate the threat that malware removal bot poses to computer users, I have designed a program by the name of Spyzooka specifically to help those who have fallen victim to malware removal bot and other types of malicious programs. If your system is presently infected with malware removal bot then this article will spell out what you need to do to have it removed from your system. If, on the other hand, you belong to the fortunate group of people who have yet to hear of malware removal bot this article will still benefit you because it will provide you with the information you need so that you may understand how to deal with malware removal bot should it find its way on to your system.

Malware removal bot is a fake antispyware program. This means that malware removal bot presents itself to you as a program designed to eliminate spyware from your system. The reality of the situation, however, is that malware removal bot is more of a scam than anything else. It actually is designed to deceive users and trick people into paying for a product which they do not need.

Here is how it works: malware removal bot will present itself on your screen via a pop up advertisement. This pop up may appear to be from a legitimate source but it is not. It will report to you several imminent threats to your system. It will proceed to tell you that unless you download the full version of malware removal bot your system could be in trouble. Here is the truth, though: These threats are likely to be false positives, designed to instill fear in you. Malware removal bot hopes to use this fear to persuade you into purchasing the full version of its product. Unfortunately, all too many people fall victim to this scam.

Malware removal bot installs itself to your system through a Trojan horse virus. The worst part of this is that other malicious programs can be installed on to your system via the same Trojan horse. This means that until you do something to permanently remove malware removal bot and the accompanying Trojan horse from your system, you will experience progressively worsening symptoms. In addition to pop up advertisements, you will experience problems such as: Add-ons being installed without your consent; scans being run on your system without your permission; your home page reset to undesirable pages; general slowness and sluggishness when you try to navigate your computer system.

Clearly you want to have malware removal bot removed from your system as quickly as possible. Because manually removing it from your system is typically insufficient, you will need to rely on a product designed specifically to remove malicious programs. Spyzooka is just such a product, but you do not have to take my word for it. I fully guarantee that Spyzooka will eliminate any and all problems with malware removal bot.

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