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RebateNation hit the World Wide Web somewhere around June, 2006 by Rebate Nation, Inc. This is the true definition of spyware since is stores your user registration information and sends the information back to its server.  That’s right; if you’ve signed up for anything lately and your PC is infected with Rebate Nation, your information could be in the hands of a complete stranger.

The purpose of Rebate Nation Inc. gathering this information is to create rebate advertisements relevant to recently visited websites on your computer. RebateNation provides peer to peer service that links you to manufacturer rebate web pages. It can also cause your system to slow down as their software is connecting to its servers.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Rebate Nation autoruns on start up and you don’t have the option to disable it.  If you want to get rid of Rebate Nation, it is highly recommended that you purchase anti-spyware software.  Because this application can create tons of registry keys, it is difficult to determine which files you need to delete, so I would not suggest you try manual removal.

RebateNation file contents :




Also Known As :


Adware:WebRebates.D, Top Rebates

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