Recommended Action for General Antivirus – Removal

General Antivirus is another one of those malicious applications that pretends to scan your computer for infections and security threats. To the average pc user, this program looks very authentic and convincing. However, it cannot scan your computer, nor can it detect any type of parasite. The results displayed are completely fabricated, and used to con innocent people into purchasing the product to remove the infections.

Is General Antivirus harmful to your computer? It can be. If this application is installed on your computer, trojans can perform identity theft and your browser can redirect to malicious websites. Generally, fake programs that claim to detect and remove parasites from your pc can cause damage to your computer and also steal personal information. While some do pose higher threats than others, removal of any such rogue is recommended.

General Antivirus is a clone of Internet Antivirus Pro that commonly installs without your permission. It may also install other malicious and unwanted software. While it can be removed manually through add/remove programs, this is definitely not the preferred action to take. Often, there are hidden files you don’t know about which means that General Antivirus will reappear on reboot of your computer. When you attempt manual removal, you risk destroying your pc.

This application penetrates into host systems and networks via Vundo trojans to install on your pc without your knowledge. Like spyware, rogue antispyware applications can collect information about your surfing habits in order to sell it to third parties. Your personal security may be at risk as well, as these programs have the ability to get your passwords, credit card numbers and other private information that you definitely do not want to share.

How will you know if General Antivirus resides on your computer? You will be bombarded with pop-up security warnings, declaring that you have infections and parasites present on your pc. Don’t fall for these scare tactics, and certainly don’t click on these messages to download. These programs claim to remove viruses, when in fact they are in themselves viruses that must be removed.

Real antispyware applications will perform a scan on your computer to detect threats and infections. Once found, they will remove them to restore security to your pc. The problem with many programs is that they aren’t advanced enough to work against some of the newer and more technologically advanced rogue applications. Complete removal is a must to insure that security is restored to your pc.

Spyzooka is the one and only antispyware product that guarantees 100% removal of threats, worms, trojans and other parasites. With only one scan, we can completely restore your pc and prevent future attacks. It works – we guarantee it or you get your money back.

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