Remove Personal Antivirus – Another Threatening Rogue

Personal Antivirus is another fake antispyware program you can add to your list. This application comes from a company called Innovagest 2000, and is installed by a Trojan called Zlob. Like all of the other rogue programs, this one displays security threat warnings in an attempt to get you to purchase the useless product.

Personal Antivirus is a clone of Internet Antivirus Pro and General Antivirus. This application recreates itself and may automatically launch on start-up of your pc. Immediate removal is indicated, however, this should not be done manually. Unless you are a computer wiz, many errors can be made when attempting manual removal, which can further damage your pc. A reliable antispyware tool should be used for removal of this malicious application.

Rogue applications like Personal Antivirus are usually designed by hackers in an effort to take money from innocent users. These programs will display numerous warnings through popup windows, informing the user that infections and security threats exist on their pc. If you believe this and download the free scan, you will then be informed that the threats are too severe to remove without purchasing the fully licensed version of the product.

Bogus programs like these cannot detect any infections on your pc, nor can they remove them. The results they display to you are totally fabricated, and more than likely there are no security threats residing on your computer. But, Personal Antivirus itself must be removed. The longer it stays on your pc, the more danger there is of more malware being placed on your computer.

Where do these irritating and potentially dangerous applications come from? Software you download, unsavory websites – there are many places these programs can be picked up. Usually, you will know if you have spyware or a bogus product claiming they can remove it. Numerous and annoying pop-up ads will display constantly, your browser may redirect or block you from visiting websites you want to visit, and your pc may become extremely slow.

Personal Antivirus and applications like it can collect information about your surfing habits to sell to third parties. This enables these third parties to send you advertisements related to your interests. These may come through pop-up and banner ads as well as spam emails. Sometimes, your personal identity is even at risk as these programs can gain access to passwords, personal business information, and even credit card numbers.

When you suspect you have rogue applications installed on your pc, remove them immediately to avoid further problems and dangers. An authentic antispyware tool will scan your pc for threats and infections, remove them, and completely restore security to your computer. Spyzooka not only removes all parasites with only one scan, it prevents future infections as well. It is the only antispyware product that guarantees results 100%, or your money back. No more infections or worries about your personal security!

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ZookaWare runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select ZookaWare and click Uninstall.

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