Remove Security Mechanic

Security Mechanic is a rogue security tool disguised as a legitimate spyware removal product. Through aggressive and misleading advertisements, Security Mechanic attempts to frighten users into believing that security threats exist on their PC. This malicious application has no function, and cannot scan, detect or remove threats and infections as it claims. Security Mechanic purposely displays these alerts hoping that the user will pay for the full product in order to remove infections. It is simply a scam that should be avoided. Usually, the user does not know how they got Security Mechanic, or where it came from. These rogues often come from other files you download, visiting questionable websites and spam emails. They may place more malware on your PC, which is a threat to the security of your computer and your personal information as well. Security Mechanic may affect the performance of your computer, causing it to become slow or even disabled.

Recommended Action:
Immediate Removal


Manual Removal:
You may be tempted to remove Security Mechanic manually, but it is not advised. Removing this rogue program involves detecting all related files and values and deleting them, along with stopping all processes that are running. Security Mechanic files have the ability to hide from the user, making them virtually impossible to detect. When performed incorrectly, manual removal may inflict severe damage to your PC. Use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka to remove all traces of malware, parasites and other threats that may reside on your computer.

Related Files:
%ProgramFiles%\Security Mechanic
%UserProfile%\Application Data\spyprotector
%UserProfile%\Application Data\shellex.dll
c:\documents and settings\pedro adrian\application data\spyprotector\SC_Base_new.dat
c:\documents and settings\pedro adrian\application data\spyprotector\SC_Config.ini

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  1. Carla Thompson says:

    I’m one of the stupid people that installed the “full version” of that product. My computer slowed down dramatically and there was no way to remove Security Mechanic. The last thing I had to do was to reinstall the operating system. So you really have to be careful with this…

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