SpyLocked Exposed?

Another rogue antispyware program is making the rounds on the Internet. This one is called SpyLocked, and it’s similar to other trojan carried programs like SpyDawn and VirusBurst. Like these other rogues, SpyLocked infests your computer through security gaps, exploiting weaknesses in your firewall and other protections.

SpyLocked – What is it?

There are a growing number of programs like SpyLocked, all designed to make you think your computer is infected with viruses or spyware. Generally carried by a trojan knows as “ZLOB,” these programs create bogus security alerts on an infected computer.

These warning messages, which can look extremely authentic, encourage the user to click on their product button and order their spyware removal product. The products themselves provide little to no actual protection against spyware and other system infestations. Worse yet, they replicate themselves on your computer, making them extremely hard to remove.

How can I detect SpyLocked?

The tell-tale sign will be the official looking warning message or security alert. A large box will open up on your screen, and it may show a list of “threats” that are supposedly active on your system. The box may prompt you to register the software, and/or get updates or subscriptions. Don’t do it!

If you click on those messages, SpyLocked will install onto your computer with or without your permission. It can change your browser, redirect you to websites you didn’t ask for and even hijack your settings. Such an invasion will definitely compromise your computer security and privacy.

In addition to these security breaches, you’ll likely notice some other signs of infection.

SpyLocked Symptoms

1. excessive popups and advertisements

2. an unfamiliar icon in your system tray that shows a security warning or alert

3. inability to use the Add/Remove Program function on your machine to get rid of the software

4. evidence of “isamian.exe” or “imsamntr.exe” files on your system

How Do I Remove Spylocked?

Once SpyLocked is in your system, it’s difficult to get out. You can try to remove it manually, but this can often cause more problems that it solves. One reason is that it continues to try to duplicate itself throughout your system, making it almost impossible to completely remove by hand.

To effectively remove SpyLocked and other rogues, purchase and install a legitimate antispyware product designed specifically to tackle these issues.

Protect Yourself From The Start

Of course, the best way to eliminate problems with SpyLocked and other rogue antispyware is to avoid them in the first place. Install a good firewall on your computer and make sure you use it properly. In addition, install legitimate antispyware and antivirus protection programs, making sure to find one with good ratings and security assurances. You’ll want one that offers frequent updates and security patches, as well as one that’s user friendly.

Dealing with any kind of invasion on your computer can be disconcerting and alarming. Trying to stay one step ahead of the game is not easy, but you can protect your computer and its security by investing in proper protection.
If you think you are infected with Spylocked or one of its variants I recommend downloading a free trial of ZookaWare PC Cleaner and running a scan to see whats lurking in your pc. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is still the only antispyware software that guarantees 100% spyware removal and is confirmed to remove Spylocked.

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