Spyware and Privacy Control Center Is A Bare Bones Scam

The designers behind the Spyware and Privacy Control Center went for the minimalist approach when they created this rogue, but do not be misled, this rogue is as dangerous as any other. As is the case with most rogue applications, Spyware and Privacy Control Center installs without the users permission and then gives the user false positives while claiming the computer is infected. The truth is that the user’s computer is infected, but it is usually only infected with Spyware and Privacy Control Center.

Spyware and Privacy Control Center file contents:

Running Processes:

Registry values:
(Warning: These registry entries listed for “Spyware and Privacy Control Center,”
could also be related to other program registry entries. Manually remove at your own risk.)

Registered DLLs:

Associated Websites:

Recommended Action:  Immediate Removal

As rogue applications go, Spyware and Privacy Control Center is one of the easier ones to remove manually, but special care must be taken when removing the registry entries associated with it. In most cases the registry entries associated with this rogue are shared with other programs already installed. By removing these entries the user can damage other programs on the computer. To insure that the user does not cause further damage to their computer it is best to install a trusted malware removal program like Spyzooka. Only Spyzooka offers a 100% guarantee to remove Spyware and Privacy Control Center along with all other types of malware installed.

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