Spyware Profile for adh1_sexarea

One simple glance at the name of this malware gives a pretty good indication of what the adh1_sexarea program is all about. This malware is called a porn dialer, which means that it is specifically designed to surreptitiously dial expensive, long-distance (or illicit toll numbers) from the computer modem, and thereby access pornographic content. This happens without the knowledge of the computer user, and the calls happen quite unexpectedly.

The good news is that the adh1_sexarea program can be expunged from a computer system just like any other malware, as long as a reliable anti-spyware program is utilized. The ZookaWare company has created one of the best systems in the industry with ZookaWare PC Cleaner, which works tirelessly to identify and remove adh1_sexarea and other forms of malware.

Also Known As:
adh1 sexarea
adh1 sex area
adh1sex area

Spyware Type:
Porn dialer

Associated Files:
No associated files currently available.

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  1. Cameron Short says:

    SpyZooka installed easily and caught the first piece of malware, adh1_sexarea. Tried other products, but this is the best one I’ve tried!

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