SwimSuitNetwork Direct Detection and REmoval

SwimSuitNetwork Direct is a program that creates advertisements on your PC and may hijack your browser to re-route it to a web page of its choosing.

This program monitors your Internet surf habits and reports them to its home server.  This, combined with downloading and delivery of multiple pop-up and pop-under advertisements, slows your Internet connection and uses up system resources.  Not to mention, this is a clear and annoying violation of privacy!

Programs like this can present a threat for any computer by providing a “back door” for malicious programs that want to get into your system.  All a virus, Trojan horse, or rootkit needs to do is attach itself to the advertising network and ride in on one of the pop-up or pop-under ads delivered by SwimSuitNetwork Direct.

SwimSuitNetwork Direct has also been known to download other adware.  In this way, it acts as a Trojan downloader.  Its presence likely indicates that other malicious or privacy-violating programs are on your computer.  A free scan with ZookaWare PC Cleaner will let you know what other threats might be hiding in your Windows directories.

Also Known As :


Relative File Contents:

Directory: swimsuitnetwork
File: swimsuitnetwork.exe
Registry Key: mediacharger
Registry value: swimsuitnetwork

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