System Doctor Exposed?

Sometimes when it comes to System Doctor antispyware, one feels like filing a malpractice suit. System Doctor is an adware program that people generally intentionally install in order to rid their systems of spyware and adware. Spyware Doctor belongs to the ZLOB family of Trojan horses, and once you’ve been infected with a ZLOB, your operating system can quickly degenerate into a mess of sluggishness, popup ads and R- or even X-rated content.

ZLOBs generally get into a computer system when the user downloads malicious email attachments with the extensions .avi, pif, exe and even jpg (or jpeg) files. It bears repeating that if you do not know who is sending you attachments, don’t open them! System Doctor masquerades as a free antispyware tool, but like anything else, you get what you pay for… or not. System Doctor can delete files, snag your passwords and even change your system settings.

System Doctor affects Windows systems and is considered to be a low-to-medium threat — although it can be highly annoying if left to its own devices. It installs itself into the system registry, which houses all of the most important functions and instructions that keep your computer running properly. It works by appearing as a pop-up window claiming that your computer system is at risk and offering to run a scan to rid the system of spyware. Don’t believe it!

Classified as an errorsafe clone, System Doctor is a form of rogue anti-spyware (malware that appears to be legitimate but is not, or that operates outside of legitimate and respectable boundaries). It advertises a free registry cleaner that is supposed to fix errors in your computer’s registry files. However, this one worms its way into your hard drive, making it very difficult to remove.

A good, reliable, and reputable antispyware program installed on your computer will help prevent such invasions and keep your passwords, personal files and other private information safe. No need to get paranoid, it’s just good to be aware of what’s out there, how it works, how it gets into your computer — and most importantly, protect your computer with antispyware software.

After you’ve installed a reliable, highly rated program, it’s a matter of running system checks and scans and regularly updating your anti-spyware software. It is vital to keep up with your defense against emerging invasions that multiply on a daily basis.

To protect your computer from System Doctor shenanigans, keep your Windows security setting at least at “Medium,” and manually download new security and critical updates. You can set your computer to do this automatically, but be sure to leave yourself the option to inspect the new updates before they are automatically downloaded. In addition, turn your firewall protection on, if it isn’t already, and keep it turned on.

While spyware is an all too common problem for computer users these days, there are steps you can take to protect your information and the performance of your computer. If you ever happen across System Doctor in your travels around the Internet, the best advice we can give you is to run the other way.

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