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Some of the telltale signs of spyware infection is annoying pop-up ads, sluggish computer and unwanted browser components.  If you have any of these symptoms then you may have become infected with Win32.Nuclear.    Win32.Nuclear is a backdoor Trojan that happens to come from a family of Trojans. It has a RAT (remote administration tool) component that is part of the program making it possible for another entity to gain control of your computer.


NSAnti is a compressing utility used by malicious people who create spyware and malware.  NSAnti works by packing a file, so that it escapes detection by antispyware applications.  It also makes it easier for the creator of malware to multiply or spread the malicious code.  Once unpacked, NSAnti assists in downloading the malicious utilities onto your PC, so that they can spread throughout your operating system.  Spyware is dangerous, and can track your online activities.  Your private data may be accessed as well.


Spyware Profile for Win32.Audiodoor

If you have been infected with Win32.Audiodoor then you may have noticed some things going awry with your computer.  You may have had files go missing or programs running on their own without any intervention from you.  This virus allows a hacker to enter and run your computer without your permission.  It will be able to have full access to all of your confidential records.  Your financial documents are at risk of being stolen. It is highly recommended that you remove this pest as soon as possible.

Removal of this program can happen quickly and easily with ZookaWare PC Cleaner, the spyware removal system.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is a trusted leader in the spyware remover industry.

SecureWarrior Removal Instructions

Like many other rogue security applications, SecureWarrior uses dubious methods to infect people’s computers. Though it may be manually downloaded from insecure and deceptive websites, it usually infects through browser security holes or Trojan horses. The user won’t realize that they have been infected until the next stage of the scam starts. The next stage is full of scare tactics like fake security alerts and fraudulent scans with phony results. The scare tactics are used to try to pressure the user into paying for the full version of the program.

If SecureWarrior has infected your computer, you should have it removed immediately. If you leave it on your computer, it may download other malware and display pop-ups. It will slow your computer’s performance and your Internet connection. If you wish to manually remove it, start by killing the following processes:

Removal Instructions for Antivirus System PRO

Antivirus System PRO is a rogue antivirus application developed by cyber criminals to dupe people out of their money. It is possible to manually download a trial version, but it usually infects people’s computers through malicious websites that exploit browser security holes or through Trojan horses. But no matter how Antivirus System PRO infects a computer, it always lies and hinders a computer’s performance and Internet connection.

Once it has been installed on a computer, Antivirus System PRO will begin to harass the infected user with fake security alerts. The alerts will appear to be from a Windows security program, but they should not be trusted. The rogue will also attempt to scan the infected system, but the results of the scan will be completely fraudulent. They will either be made up or the rogue will point to benign files and claim they are malignant. It will then pressure the user into buying the full version of its worthless program.

Due to the deceptive and malicious nature of this rogue, it should be removed immediately upon detection. In order to remove it manually, you should kill the following process:


Removal Instructions for WindowsAdditionalGuard

There is nothing original about WindowsAdditionalGuard. It is a “traditional” rogue security application that uses devious and unethical means of promotion. It will invade a computer without the user’s permission or knowledge through a Trojan horse program. Then, after it has been secretly installed, it will begin a series of false security warnings and fake systems scans. The results from the scans will be false and will be used to scare the user into paying for the full version of WindowsAdditionalGuard.

This program is completely useless and is nothing short of a scam. If left to fester on a computer it will hinder the computer’s performance and Internet speed. It will also hijack the user’s browser and take them to unsafe websites. This is why you should remove it immediately if it has infected your computer. In order to remove it manually, you should kill the following processes:

SpyGuard Removal Instructions

Cyber criminals are running a very lucrative scam on the Internet and SpyGuard is part of it. This program is a rogue antispyware application that uses deception and lies in order to fool naïve people into wasting their money.

After infecting a computer through a Trojan horse without the user’s permission, it then begins to harass the user. SpyGuard will deliver false security warnings and run phony system scans every time the user logs into Windows. The results from the scan will either be completely made up or it will point to benign files and claim that they are malicious.

If this malevolent rogue has infected your system, then you should remove it as soon as possible. If you wish to attempt manual removal, then start by killing the following processes:

Remove AlphaAntivirus

AlphaAntivirus is a rogue security program designed to make people believe that there computer is infected with parasites, spyware and other things.  This is simply an attempt to frighten them, so that the result will be their purchasing AlphaAntivirus to remedy the infections.  AlphaAntivirus has no ability to scan your PC, and cannot detect or remove anything.  Aggressive and misleading security warnings are displayed to alarm the user, but do not fall for this scam.  AlphaAntivirus may also avoid detection by antivirus software and other security programs.  Your personal information may be at risk, as well as the health of your PC.

Remove Antispyware Soldier

Antispyware Soldier is a rogue security program that advertises aggressively to the user, informing them of security threats that supposedly exist on their PC. Antispyware Soldier is a malicious malware invented by hackers for the purpose of profiting from a useless product. Although it advertises itself as a legitimate spyware removal tool, it is actually spyware and can cause your PC to become slow or unstable. Private information may be collected and sold to third parties as well. Antispyware Soldier may place more malware on your PC, and can potentially cause damage to your computer.

Spyware Profile for InfecDoor


InfecDoor is a backdoor program. This program will infect your computer and can infiltrate by a variety of means. If you have visited chat rooms and downloaded a file, or received an e-mail with a suspicious attached file or perhaps you installed a bundled software program then your computer might have been infected in this manner. It is important that this malware be removed as soon as possible. You could lose important data and your computer’s performance will continue to degrade.

InfecDoor can be removed with ZookaWare PC Cleaner. ZookaWare PC Cleaner offers a free scan so you can assess how much spyware you may have on your computer. ZookaWare PC Cleaner will remove all of your spyware or your money back.


Abebot is a backdoor software program that installs through trojans, and allows fake antispyware programs to install on your PC. These programs advertise aggressively to the user, warning of security threats that reside on their computer. Abebot displays these fake warnings in an attempt to get the user to purchase the advertised product in order to restore security. These programs are infections themselves that must be removed to protect private information and the health of your computer.

Abebot is created by hackers for the purpose of stealing your money. System performance will be affected, and your PC may be in danger of crashing. To remove Abebot manually, you must kill all related running processes, and then detect all files and values associated with the program. This is not recommended, as you risk severe damage to your PC. To remove Abebot automatically, use a reputable antispyware program such as Spyzooka, which detects and removes all traces of security threats and other parasites.


Advertor is a backdoor software program that installs via Trojans, and gives attackers control over your computer. These hackers can use your PC for malicious purposes, and system files that are necessary for proper operation may be deleted or disabled.

Advertor may also install additional malware on your computer, and private information may be accessed and collected. Your PC will most likely run slow, and you will notice incessant pop-up ads and possibly browser redirection. Infections like Advertor can damage your PC and use up valuable system resources and memory.

To remove Advertor manually, you must kill all associated running processes, then detect and delete all related files and values in various folders and the Windows registry. It is advised that you use a reputable antispyware product such as Spyzooka to remove Advertor, and all other parasites that may threaten security.