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AntiSpyShield Guards Nothing

AntiSpyShield is one really tricky program to deal with.  First off, it’s a rogue anti-spyware program that has been known by a few other names, like SpySheriff and CounterSpy.  This one is a really tricky program because even the legitimate super antispyware programs are not picking it up.  And of course, this one likes to mess with the computer system just like all the others.  Except it is obviously playing a really nasty game of hide and seek with its victims.

You’ll know if you have this one on your system when you start to see the usual pop-ups stating that your computer is infected with viruses and other malicious programs.  Now here’s the clincher.  You could simply start a legitimate anti-spyware scan right now without touching the pop-up that came up on your computer.  However, your program may simply not find the programs that belong to this rogue program.  When this happens, you are forced to close the pop up, which typically launches the trial program into a scan.

Once the scan is done, you are going to be faced with a highly exaggerated list of files that are corrupted.  As long as you remember that these files really aren’t corrupt and do not fall into the trap of buying the full license of AntiSpyShield, then you’re going to be that much ahead.  If you fall into their false claims of being the only program able to remove the corrupt files and malware and purchase the full license, then you lose your money and have a long road ahead.  By purchasing the full license, you have just purchased a piece of spyware/malware.

Once that fully licensed program hits your system, you will start seeing some really odd things that were not on system before.  These rogue programs will load additional malware and spyware to your system without your permission.  They will change and corrupt your Internet browser and settings.  They will change your registry and add .dll files into it that are nothing but trouble.  They will report to a third party all of your surfing habits.  AntiSpyShield could literally freeze your system up on a permanent basis.

Doesn’t sound very good, does it?  It’s not.  If your system becomes infected with AntiSpyShield, you need to remove it from your computer as soon as possible.  You will need to enlist the services of a legitimate anti-spyware program such as ZookaWare PC Cleaner to find the AntiSpyShield program files.  We mentioned that this program plays hide and seek on your computer, but we have the list of files that AntiSpyShield utilizes programming into ZookaWare PC Cleaner for you.  Once you run the program, you will be able to remove the rogue program from your computer and get it up and running properly.

We recommend that you also run your anti-virus program to make sure you find the virus that AntiSpyShield used to corrupt your system.  If you do not remove that virus, you could very well find AntiSpyShield trying to hijack your computer later down the road…like five or ten minutes later, or a few days…a few weeks…