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PC Security is Here to Stay

PC security is a problem that all computer users must face. Today’s PCs are, basically, super-evolved versions of machines from decades past.  With companies such as Microsoft in charge of how our computers operate, no major paradigm shifts in the computer industry have occurred in recent memory, and the status quo remains essentially the same.

Of course, for the average PC users like us, this is just fine.  We’re comfortable with our operating systems and our computers as they are, and most of us wouldn’t want to have to readjust to a completely different type of computer environment.

Unfortunately, until some groundbreaking company finds an unforeseen way to revolutionize the computer industry without leaving computer users lost in the woods, we’re left with these machines that more-or-less rely upon computing systems that were old and well-worn even long before “Internet” was a household word.

The disadvantages of this are obvious.  While many of us feel comfortable working with Windows and all of its corresponding software, we also have to deal with an ever-growing number of security threats, which are always changing and shifting according to the methods used to combat them.

Viruses, spam, and spyware thrive for the very reasons that I’ve been talking about.  The systems inside our computers look essentially the same as they looked in the 1980s, when only the most tech-savvy were aware of the online world. This essential clunkiness leaves lots of security gaps and vulnerabilities for Web-based threats to exploit.

To avoid viruses, computer experts advise users to avoid downloads from companies that aren’t well-known and reputable, and to use discretion even with downloads from large companies.  Also, importantly, computer users should never open emails that are obviously spam, or that have mysterious or unexplained attachments included.  As a general rule, you shouldn’t click on attachments from anyone who you don’t know and trust.

Of course, PC security software companies offer many antivirus solutions, both for personal PCs and business networks.  When deciding which one of these companies from which to buy software, computer users should do research, and choose according to one’s own computing needs.

Meanwhile, these same companies also offer software to protect against other Web-based PC security threats.  Often, packages of all different types of security software are offered.

In addition to antivirus software, antispyware and antispam programs are essential for today’s Internet user.

In short, the most important thing to remember about PC security is that it begins with prevention.  If PC security threats aren’t allowed access to your computer in the first place, then there’s no way for them to do harm.  This is why it’s essential to install PC security software on your computer before accessing the Internet.

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