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AntiSpyKit is AntiSafe

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the Internet you decided to come see us and find out what nasty little programs are lurking the net to just be sure.  Yes, we have found another one that will drive your PC into epileptic fits and you may decide to go running and hiding before we’re done.  AntiSpyKit is one of the newest rogue anti-spyware software to come down the Internet pipeline and like all this others, this one is annoying.

Let’s start out by saying you probably got it through a virus, other fake software you were unaware of, or the Zlob Trojan virus that is wrecking havoc all over the place.  You are going to want to scan your computer as soon as possible for that Zlob Trojan.  That is why you are getting infected by all of these little rogue programs.  Zlob basically keeps it foot in your computers back door, letting in all the pests that your flyswatter may not immediately catch.  Zlob basically allows gaps in your security so it’s imperative to scan for both AntiSpyKit and Zlob.

AntiSpyKit is very apparent on your computer as it starts popping up infection alerts as soon as it’s done downloading.  And it doesn’t stop.  As soon as you close one, another appears and unless you just completely ignore, you will drive yourself batty clicking on the ‘X’ button.  Of course the security alerts and subsequent scans by a very professional looking program are all inflated.  Most of the items that show up in rogue anti-spyware scans are actually legitimate Windows functions and files.  AntiSpyKit just pulls them up to scare you into purchasing the full license of their software.  Don’t let this program scare you.  It is not your last means of defense and your computer can be fixed.  The sooner the better, however, as your privacy and data is in risk of corruption and hacking. 

You have to love – and read that with searing sarcasm – AntiSpyKit’s claim of being ‘one of the most technologically advanced Spyware removal and protection software in the world today’.  Right.  That’s why your computer starts slowing down, your system registries get changed, icons are removed or changed, you’re flooded with Spam mail…it’s like the walls of Jericho coming down and the river taking over.  This is what is so dangerous about parasitic programs like AntiSpyKit.

You will want to run a legitimate anti-spyware program like ZookaWare PC Cleaner on your computer to see if you are infected by AntiSpyKit.  If it does show up, instruct the anti-spyware program to remove it and follow any additional directions to remove extraneous files that sometimes get left behind.  You then need to run a good anti-virus program that is current and up to date to catch that Zlob Trojan that is hiding somewhere on your computer.  Sometimes you need additional programs like HiJackThis to help you find all the stragglers.

You can also remove AntiSpyKit with a comprehensive list of files that will need to be deleted.  Some of these files are in your computer’s registry.  If you are not comfortable working in this environment – one wrong file deleted and your computer will not work right unless you reset the whole system – ask someone who is to help you.  Keep a track of the files that need to be removed and then get someone with more computer skill to remove them for you.