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Burn the Witches! The Witch Hunt That is Spyburner

Spyburner preys off of the fear of computer users. It’s a rogue security tool that provides false warnings about harmless files on your computer. Its goal is to have its hands in your pocket.

Spyburner hides out on infected websites. Most of the time, these websites are centered on watching videos for free in spite of copyright violations. That, at least, is their appearance.

The reality of the matter is that behind each video player icon is a Trojan Downloader disguised as a video codec. When you click on one of these infected icons, you download the Downloader program and are told that it’s a video codec.

Once the Downloader is in place, it downloads the Spyburner infection. This rogue tool needs a manual installation normally, but the Downloader program takes care of that part.

The first thing you see is a pop up warning saying that your computer has a spyware infection. Spyburner then transports you to its home page, and you get a fraudulent scan on your computer. It will always show a terrifyingly massive infection.

Spyburner will then tell you that it’s the only program that can remove your problem, when it’s the actual problem. It will tell you that you have to download the full version to do this. We’re talking a relatively huge chunk of change.

The full version of Spyburner is a computer scanner. That’s it. It doesn’t remove any infections. If you bought it, you paid for the worst kind of lemon program.

Even worse, now that they have their hand in your pocket, the developers of Spyburner have the ability to take more, much more, of your money. In fact, they can clear out your account. Sadly, there’s little that can be done about it.

One thing that Spyburner is right about: Once you see it, you need a new antispyware program. You don’t need their software though; you need something that really works.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner is just the program for you. Our updating process is second to none. That’s why we have the 100% removal guarantee.

SpyBurner: Burn, Baby, Burn

Oh there is nothing more annoying than a clone of problematic malware software, which is exactly what SpyBurner is.This is one of the newer programs to hit the Internet to make your life miserable with its automatic downloading and installation onto your home PC.SpyBurner is a clone of the ever nasty and infamous FileSecure, another malware program that hit the Internet within the last year.Because FileSecure is already on the watch list of most anti-spyware and malware removers, it’s been retooled and re-released as SpyBurner.

SpyBurner, like many of the other programs we have been tracking, has been designated as a rogue security program.It presents itself as a spyware remover that has been programmed by a reputable Internet company.Once again, Zlob seems to be the vehicle for SpyBurner to get onto your computer and it’s ‘burning’ up the Internet waves as an infectious parasite.When this puppy gets installed onto your computer, it will give you a warning that your computer is full of viruses, malware, and other nasty programs that is causing performance issues.Of course, we all know that the scan and report this program presents is extremely inflated and there is always the possibility that the only thing your computer is infected with is SpyBurner itself.It will try to convince you to download the full version of the program in order to save your computer.We recommend that you don’t.

There seems to be two versions of SpyBurner that you need to be on the lookout for.One of the versions is currently more widespread than the other, which seems to be used solely for spying on your computer.You will notice a new icon on your desktop stating that your PC is infected, which is one of the first indications that your computer was hijacked by this program.There will also be an icon added to your taskbar encouraging you to download the full, licensed version.

The spying version of SpyBurner is not as readily apparent as it can sit on your computer without ever popping that icon up somewhere where you will notice it.We believe that this version’s core platform is a special program that is analyzing your computer habits and trying to decide based on set criteria whether or not it should continue spying – and quite possibly reporting the information it collects to a third party – or just becoming an annoyance that you have to deal with on a consistent basis.

What is interesting to note here is that there is a glitch within SpyBurner’s programming.Unless this piece of malware has downloaded an old spyware program itself, it will not recognize old spyware programs that are still lingering around the Internet.That is a bit of a plus for more advanced computer users who are aware that their computer has an old piece of spyware on it that they have not yet removed.

As with any other rogue anti-spyware security program, SpyBurner can be removed with a good anti-spyware program with a little bit of work.Programs like Hijack this and ZookaWare PC Cleaner will help you remove this pesky little annoyance and you are better using one of these programs than trying to remove each individual file.If you are not an advanced computer user and are not comfortable removing single files, then you will definitely need an anti-spyware product that recognizes SpyBurner.Otherwise you run the risk of deleting registry files that will cause additional problems on your system.

If you think you may have SpyBurner on your system, click below and ZookaWare PC Cleaner for a test run.It can help you identify any problems you might have and give you a heads up on keeping your computer in good health.