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The SpyCrush Threat

One of the most confusing aspects of computer protection is the concept of “rogue” antispyware products. These rogue applications look and act like legitimate antispyware software, and are easily mistaken for the real thing. Masquerading as helpful spyware removers, they trick you into downloading malicious files, and even buying upgrades of their bogus software.

One of these rogues is called SpyCrush, and it’s a serious threat. SpyCrush is actually a variant of the VirusBurst program, and infects your computer through a Trojan.

What is SpyCrush?

Discovered in February 2007, SpyCrush works much like other rogue antispyware products. It tries to convince the user that his or her computer system has been infected with spyware. Once activated, it hijacks your Internet browser and takes you to a bogus security site. Then it attempts to install a rogue spyware removal program. The removal program itself is malicious and corrupt, but most people who download it are unaware of the danger. In fact, many unsuspecting users actually think they are downloading a perfectly safe and useful program.

How do I know if I have Spycrush?

There are several tell-tale symptoms of SpyCrush. Be aware of any of the following:

1. A new and unrecognized icon in your system tray. The new icon may look like some type of virus protection graphic (a cross, a question mark, or even something that looks like the Windows Update icon). If you click the icon, you may get a message that your system is infected, with a link to download the “removal” software.

2. A popup message that tells you your system is infected, and offers to download a removal program. The message might include the phrases “system alert” or “your system has detected active spyware applications. Click the icon to download a solution.”

3. The software itself runs on startup every time you boot up.

4. Your browser’s typical homepage has been replaced with something you don’t recognize, with a message that you may be infected with spyware.

5. You find any evidence of spycrush.exe, spycrush.3.1.exe or spyrcrush.3.2.exe files on your system.

How do I remove SpyCrush?

If you find evidence that your computer has been infected with SpyCrush download ZookaWare PC Cleaner below and run a free scan to find out if SpyCrush is infecting your computer.

It is possible to remove SpyCrush manually, and you can find technical help online with specifics. To be certain, though, it’s best to use a qualified antispyware program that knows exactly what to look for and how to scrub your system.

Protecting your computer is vital to your privacy, your online security, and the health of your business. Antivirus and antispyware software can protect your computer from many attacks, but you must be diligent. Be on guard for anything that suggests you download or install something you’ve never heard of. SpyCrush is among the most insidious spyware applications out there at the moment, but you can take steps to protect yourself.

The best way to protect against all types of malicious spyware, adware or browser hijacking incidents is to install legitimate anti-virus anti-spyware programs onto each of your computers. Keep your subscription updated, and follow the program’s recommendations for scheduling regular system scans.