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Removal Instructions for Top Antivirus

Top Antivirus is a very prevalent type of malicious software. It is very common for people to find problems with Top Antivirus on their system. This program belongs to a type of software referred to as rogue antispyware software. As rogue antispyware software, Top Antivirus reports problems to you that in reality do not exist. These threats present themselves to you in the form of pop up windows. These popups tell you that unless you download the full version of Top Antivirus your system will be rendered inoperable by these so-called threats. What the pop ups fail to tell you is that the only real threat to your system is Top Antivirus itself.

While on your system, Top Antivirus creates many problems for your system. More than anything else, you will be bombarded by annoying pop ups and your system will operate slowly and sluggishly. These problems will progressively worsen until you permanently clean your system.

TopAntivirus Belongs On The Bottom Of The Pile

There is nothing worse than a malware program that likes to ‘share’ its files with you.  TopAntivirus is one of those duel purpose programs: it’s a rogue anti-spyware program and malware all rolled into one neat little package.  Talk about your two for one deal.  Unfortunately TopAntivirus needs to be at the bottom of anyone’s computer program pile.

TopAntivirus is usually found with the file name Malware.TopAntivirus when it is on your computer system.  It loads all of its files onto your hard drive and then infiltrates all of your security settings so that it can update its files without needing your permission.  It then creates a start-up key with the same name and launches itself into scan mode whenever you turn on your computer.  It will be in your list processes and it is a pain in the hind end to get it to turn off.

Why is this thing on my computer?

TopAntivirus, like most rogue anti-spyware programs, found its way onto your computer through a Trojan virus – Zlob could be most likely culprit – spam mail, or attached to a website you were surfing on.  If your security settings and anti-virus programs are not up to date, it probably slipped past all of the filters.

So, what will it do to my system?

For one thing, it will consistently pop a message up onto your computer system telling you that you are infected with malicious programs.  It will go one step further and change your Internet surfing pages and computer wallpaper to this message.  You will not be able to change them back to whatever you had them set to until you A: purchase the full license of the program, or B: remove the program from your computer system.

Should I buy TopAntivirus?

Absolutely not.  The list of computer files that TopAntivirus presents you after infiltrating itself into your system is exaggerated, especially if you have an updated anti-virus program on your computer in addition to anti-spyware software.  These rogue software programs finds obscure Windows files to list that most people wouldn’t recognize as legitimate files.  There is a possibility that you don’t have any malicious programs on your computer except one: TopAntivirus.  You do not need to purchase this program to get rid of malicious programs.  This program will just rob you blind.

What do I then?

In order to determine whether or not you really are infected, use a legitimate anti-spyware software to scan your computer.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is a very good program to use.  Have the program remove the malicious software and then run a full virus scan to make sure you get the virus that TopAntivirus probably came in quarantined and removed as well. 

Always make sure you have a legitimate and up to date anti-spyware software on your computer and run it on a regular basis.  Just because the spyware, malware, and ad ware is not actively letting you know that it is there, it is and it could be communicating with a malicious third party or doing things in the background that will eventually cause your system to come to a screeching halt.