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Winantivirus Removal Help

If you’re like most people using the Windows Operating System, you tend to believe those pop-ups or warning messages that look “official.” Such is the case with one of the newer spyware programs out there these days. WinAntiVirus disguises itself as a legitimate Windows warning system, prompting you to purchase its software to help clean or repair your system.

WinAntiVirus is generally considered to be among the class of products known as “scareware spyware,” due to the scare tactics it uses. Other scareware includes programs like WinFixer, WinAntiSpy, WinAntiVirusPro, WinAntiSpyware, ErrorSafe, SystemDoctor, AVsystemcare, and DriveCleaner. What they all have in common is that they claim to repair common Windows problems, when they are really infecting your system, causing performance issues and security breaches.

Like many other types of spyware and viruses, WinAntiVirus gets into your system through a trojan or other security exploit. Once it has infected your computer, it allows the spyware to infiltrate and hide in all the nooks and crannies of your computer’s hard drive. Win Anti Virus can monitor your computer browsing habits and compromise your security.

How do I detect Win Anti Virus?

An increase in pop-ups, or frequently being redirected to other browsers or websites, are good clues that your computer has been infected. Slow or sluggish operations can be another clue. The most obvious clue, though, are those scary warnings and alerts.

These warnings will suggest you visit their website to download the full version of a program designed to isolate and remove such threats to your computer. Once you do, the real infection begins.

But how can the average user tell whether a warning message is legitimate or bogus?

When a warning like that comes up, even if you feel it’s legitimate, don’t go through the pop up to get to the listed website. WinAntiVirus is good at fooling people into thinking it’s legitimate because they claim to come from a Windows based security center.

If you’re still not sure, run a spyware scan on your computer. As long as your software is up to date, it should pick up any signs of this spyware.

The best way to protect yourself from something like WinAntiVirus is to install legitimate and reputable anti spyware and anti virus software. These are safe, but do be aware that virus and spyware designers these days are growing increasingly clever and are able to mimic designs, icons and wording to fool unsuspecting computer users. The key is for you to be aware and alert to such dealings, and to watch for tell tale signs of fraud by checking spelling, and other clues that the warning your received is fake.

It’s up to you to protect the integrity of your computer against spyware infections such as WinAntiVirus. Be vigilant, and partner with a good online security partner for the best protection.

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