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WinSpyKiller Is Not What You Think It Is

At some point in our computing lives we all wind getting some form of malicious junk programs infecting our computers.  WinSpyKiller is one of wonderfully annoying little programs that users will see pop-up and announce that ‘Your computer is infected!’  Ten to one says, if you have an anti-virus program that includes a section for detecting malware/spyware, or if you are already running one of the many legitimate programs to detect them, then your computer is not infected. 

WinSpyKiller is a program that just thinks it’s legitimate and pretends to remove spyware.  Unfortunately, this is far from the case.  The program itself acts like a spyware removal program, complete with a computer scanning function and other anti-spyware gizmos, but in truth, its nothing more than a scam to get your money.  This rogue security program is nothing more than a way for the programmers to get your money. 

Does WinSpyKiller hurt my computer?

WinSpyKiller can hurt your computer because it has been known to download onto the system using less than legal means and without your consent.  Customers who have reported this program have complained that WinSpyKiller has hijacked their desktop in an attempt to make them think that their computer is infected with so much spyware and malware that they had no other recourse then to download the program to get rid of the problems. 

WinSpyKiller has also been described by many of the legitimate anti-spyware manufacturers as being dangerous enough to your computer to warrant an elevated level of awareness.  Some of the things this program has been known to do include: reconfigure your homepage and browser; install advertising items without your consent; impact your overall computer performance; collect, transmit, and share personal information to third parties without your express permission.  So, yes, WinSpyKiller can not only mess up your computer, it can also mess up your finances and other personal information. 

How do I get rid of WinSpyKiller? 

WinSpyKiller is best removed with anti-spyware program that is legitimate and not a scam.  You can also hand remove the program, but this is only recommended if you are very comfortable navigating around the DLL and registry of your computer.  This is definitely something an advanced user should only try as you could damage your computer further by messing with these files. 

If you decide to remove the WinSpyKiller files on your own, make sure you back up your registry files first in case you make a mistake.  By doing this you will be able to restore your computers settings, albeit with the WinSpyKiller files still intact.  To stop WinSpyKiller from running in the background, click CTRL+ALT+DELETE, select it from the processes menu and then click the ‘End Processes’ button. 

Wait…how did I get WinSpyKiller in the first place? 

WinSpyKiller may have attached itself to an e-mail, to a website homepage, or to something you downloaded.  There is speculation around the Internet that WinSpyKiller is a Trojan virus, nasty little programs when they get attached to your computer.  Always be cautious about what you download and where you download it from. 

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