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AntiSpySpider Is An Eight-Legged Pest

Have you ever watched your cat play with a spider on the floor?  They watch as the spider moves fairly quickly over the linoleum before their fuzzy butts wiggle and they pounce on the spider, usually eating it up in one crunch.  Well, if you find that your computer has been spun up into AntiSpySpider’s web, you’re going to need a legitimate anti-spyware software like ZookaWare PC Cleaner to be your computer’s ‘cat’ and take care of that ‘spider’.

Yes, it’s another rogue anti-spyware program on the loose.  AntiSpySpider hit the internet scene March of 2008, so it’s one of the newer problems surfing the net.  Like all of the other rogue programs out there, this one slips onto your computer on the back of a Trojan, probably Zlob or Vundo as they seem to be the worst offenders for carrying these rogues around.  And like usual, AntiSpySpider will give you a report stating that your computer is grossly infected with viruses, malware, and spyware that’s…you guessed it…not there!

AntiSpySpider uses the ‘let’s spook the daylights out of the uninformed computer user’ tactic to trick them into buying the fully licensed program because ‘it’s the only software on the market to clean up your computer’.  Agh!  Start pulling out your hair now because when you load the whole version onto your computer you’re going to want to brace yourself for the hijacking of your life.  This program will flood your system with pop-ups, pop-unders, fake system notifications, and other wondrously disastrous issues that will eventually turn your PC into smoldering pile of parts.  This rogue anti-spyware program will also take advantage of any vulnerability your computer has to allow other malware programs onto your systems.  Since it also works as a ‘spider’ – hence the name – it will go out and find other malicious programs to infect your system with.

Oh, and did we mention that the company behind AntiSpySpider will also take your money and run?

When users log onto the AntiSpySpider homepage they will be surprised at what the site displays.  For one thing, there are no random logos floating about.  Additionally, the website is chock full of testimonials and self-praise about their product.  There is also plenty of fear-mongering going on.  If you look for contact information all you find is a bogus phone number and the name ‘Pablo’ as the domain owner.  ‘Welcome to my parlor,’ said the spider to the fly.

If you think you have AntiSpySpider on your computer, then you need to release your ‘cat’ and let them go play with the ‘spider’.  A great legitimate anti-spyware software (that’s the cat, by the way) to use to get this rogue program off your system is ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  This program will scan your computer and report to you the problems it finds.  It is updated on a daily basis and all of the newer rogue programs surfing the internet are loaded into its database.  Once it finds AntiSpySpider, it will help you rid your system of this pest – in one big crunch.  Of course you do have the option of removing the program yourself file by file, but only advanced users should use this method.

Once you have removed the rogue program and any other spyware ZookaWare PC Cleaner may have found, make sure your anti-virus program is up to date and run it as well.  It will locate and find the Trojan virus or other security issues on your computer and get rid of them as well.