The Lies of Syscleanerpro

If you have recently found yourself bombarded by pop ups, having your computer run slowly and having your browser redirected, there is a good chance you have spyware on your machine. If these pop ups have been warning messages regarding threats found on your computer, there’s a good chance that you are infected with a specific kind of spyware called “rogue antispyware,” a good example of which is a program known as syscleanerpro.

Like all rogue antispyware programs, syscleanerpro pretends that it is a helpful antispyware tool and makes convincing claims that it can remove malicious code from your computer. It usually gets on your machine via a Trojan that has already opened a security hole, but it can also be downloaded manually by unsuspecting users. Either way, once on your machine rogues like syscleanerpro will run a scan and then generate a list of threats that it has supposedly found residing on your computer. Despite the fact that this threat list is entirely fabricated, and that the only real threat you are facing is the rogue itself, these programs will do their best to convince you otherwise. They will bombard you with pop ups designed to scare you into buying the non-existent full version of the program to remove the threats for you, and will use other tactics such as fake system alerts and redirecting your browser to the “full version” sales page in an attempt to add credibility to the claim.

In the meanwhile, programs like syscleanerpro stay resident in the background hogging your computer’s processing resources and connecting to the Internet without your knowledge to download more malware and send off your information to interested third parties. Obviously, if you are experiencing these issues, you need to remove the offending program immediately upon discovery.

You can do this manually by blocking the program’s websites, killing its running processes, unregistering its DLLs and deleting its associated registry values and files. You should take care not to delete the wrong file, as doing so puts your computer at much greater risk of damage. You should also be aware of the fact that if you miss a component while trying to destroy the program, it can simply reinstall itself upon reboot.

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