Theef belongs to a family of backdoor programs. The Theef family has remote administration tool (RAT) abilities and can run in the background. Theef allows the attacker to control the infected computer through a port on the Internet.

Theef threatens the computer and everything on it. The attacker can log keystrokes, connect to the Internet, and e–mail.


Related Files
client.exe, Client_1.11.exe, Client210.exe, Editserver210.exe
scrn_c.dll, scrn_c.dll, sv_cam.dll, sv_fun.dll, sv_fun.dll, sv_spy.dll
Theef2Client.exe, Theef2Edit.exe, TheefClient 2.02.exe, TheefClient_201.exe
TheefEdit 2.01.exe

Manual Removal Instructions:
1.    Stop the following process
a.    capture.exe
2.    Delete the following registry value
a.    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\capture
3.    Delete the following files
a.    capture.exe, gsetup.ini

Software Removal Instructions
Since Theef is more than a singe virus but is a family of viruses, you will want to run a complete scan. Click below for the free scan.

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