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TizzleTalk is an instant messaging translator application that is advertised to offer free instant messaging translation for all of the IM programs such as AIM, Yahoo, and Messenger. It is supposed to turn your boring text into “fun” messages.   The main web page states that it is a free program because is it supported by advertising, but what they don’t tell you is that it’s also supported by adware advertising.

When you agree to install this program, you are agreeing to put your system’s security at risk. Distributed by Clickspring, this program has an automatic update feature that installs third party advertisements.  These third party advertisements are actually annoying pop-ups.  Tizzle Talk installs additional third party malware from ClickSpring, including MediaTickets and PurityScan.

What is supposed to be “endless fun,” as the website states, will be endless trouble.  If you have already installed TizzleTalk and you can wait to get rid of it, try using anti-spyware software to remove this so-called “fun” software.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner has been proven to get rid of the toughest spyware threats, so go with the best and save yourself some time, money and aggravation.  You can even get a free scan, right now.

Also Known As :


not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.180Solutions.ay, 36 Adware-HotBar.dr,20 Adware.180Solutions!sd5,12 Adware.Hotbar, 8 Adware-180SA ,4 Backdoor.Bifrose.GTV, 1 BackDoor-CEP.svr,1 Generic PWS.y, 1 Infostealer, 1 Trojan Horse, 1 Trojan.Crypt, 1 Trojan-PSW.Win32.Staem.ic.


Tizzle Talk file contents :


tizinf.xml.  Software could be located in any of these files). ClickSpring, Cowabanga by OIN, ipwindows / ipwins, MediaTickets, MediaTickets by OIN, OIN Outer Info Network, PurityScan, PurityScan by OIN, Snowball Wars by OIN, TizzleTalk, TizzleTalk by OIN, Yazzle by OIN, Yazzle ActiveX by OIN, Yazzle Cowabanga by OIN, Yazzle Kobe :filtered:! By OIN, Yazzle Picster by OIN, Yazzle Snowball Wars by OIN, Yazzle Sudoku by OIN, Zolero Translator, WebBuying, WinPop, Summary of Tizzle Talk

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