TopSurfer Spyware Profile

TopSurfer is a spyware data miner disguised as a toolbar browser add-on.  It was first discovered on February 1 of 2004.  It is installed without your knowledge or consent.

TopSurfer, like other toolbar spyware and adware programs, pretends to offer enhanced search results and instant-click access to certain websites.  In this case, they all point to affiliate websites.  The interesting thing about TopSurfer is that if you download it, you are an affiliate, as well.  This feature is completely useless unless you have an online business.

Besides the basic uselessness of this program, it also collects information about you personally and will send you emails from its affiliates.  This presents a serious threat to your privacy.  According to their Terms of Service, you willingly give TopSurfer the right to send you these ads, allow them to change the Terms of Service whenever they feel like it, etc.  Essentially, you put yourself at their mercy.

TopSurfer also runs several invisible processes.  This activity seriously slows down your computer’s performance speed and causes system instability.  It uses an inordinate amount of your computer’s resources by doing this, and it can lead to system crashes.

If you’re infected with TopSurfer, you should remove it immediately.  It presents a serious threat to your computer’s functionality and can violate your privacy.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is highly recommended to deal with this threat.

Also Known As:
No known aliases

Spyware Type:
Toolbar, Data Miner

Associated Files:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftinternet explorertoolbar{af657644-964c-4348-a8ad-72524b3a3ff1}

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