TotalSecurity is a Fake Anti-Spyware Application

Frequently, pc users are tricked into purchasing fake anti-spyware software that is totally useless. It can damage their computers and even place their personal identity at risk. TotalSecurity is one such program, and if you have it installed on your pc it is imperative that you remove it immediately. The risk of damaging your pc increases the longer it is installed on your computer.

Usually, these fake applications will claim that they can remove any spyware or threats that exist on your pc. These programs appear very convincing, but are not what they appear to be. They display false results, and aren’t capable of scanning your computer for threats. In most cases, programs like TotalSecurity are themselves actually malware, and can cause you many headaches.

Once installed on your pc, applications like TotalSecurity will begin scanning your computer, which results in a barrage of pop-up ads stating that your pc is infected with a variety of malicious threats. They will inform you that these threats must be removed immediately in order to avoid severe damage. These applications are usually installed by a Trojan horse program, but can also come from rogue websites or download such as video codec. These fake anti-spyware programs will inform you that the only way to remove these infections is by purchasing their licensed product, which is simply their way of taking your money.

Many of these rogue anti-spyware applications can be removed manually, but it is difficult not to miss something when you attempt to do this. Also, you run the risk of deleting a wrong file, which can seriously damage your pc. Usually, you must delete registry entries and related files. These fake anti-spyware programs will reinstall themselves when you start up your computer if a file is missed when attempting to manually remove these programs.

Of course, if you do have spyware installed on your pc it must be removed. However, don’t be fooled by these rogue applications that can detect nothing and actually place malware on your pc. Spyware can gain access to your passwords, credit card numbers and other information that is private, so it must be removed. A reliable product will scan your pc, remove threats and infections, and totally restore security.

Investing in a reputable anti-spyware such as Spyzooka is a quick, reliable solution to your problem. Spyzooka was created with the health and performance of your computer in mind. This is the one and only anti-spyware software created that guarantees 100% removal of all threats and other infections from your pc with only one scan. It also prevents future security threats, and has a fantastic record with the Better Business Bureau. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money will be returned. It’s one of a kind, and it works. What more do you need? Avoid fake applications like TotalSecurity, and invest in Spyzooka now. You will see that it is a very wise investment indeed, and money well spent.


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