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If you think there’s something evil lurking behind the scenes on your PC you’re probably right.  Unexplained things like changes in your browser settings, continuous unwanted and annoying pop ups, and even running at a slow pace; these could all be signs of TV Media Display invasion.   TV Media Display does it share of displaying – it monitors your online activities and displays it to its main server to create advertisements.

The latest version of TV Media Display can install computer parasites, to create additional annoying ads and browser helper objects.  This can cause instability of your PC and in some cases, permanent damage.

Because it hides and stays resident in the background, TV Media Display is often difficult to trace and since their web page clearly states that it is a “permission-based network…,” you have to agree to download it, whether you realize it or not.

If you’re looking for the related files, it may take you forever, unless you use a reliable anti-spyware program to seek and destroy this annoying and sometimes destructive program.  Do you want to risk having your computer crash and losing everything that you have stored?  Of course not, get a copy of ZookaWare PC Cleaner so you can save your PC and your sanity.

Alos Known As :

tvmd, tvmedia, total velocity, cleveriehooker, and tvelocity
TV Media Display file contents :

TVMbho.dll and TVMcore.dll.

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