Virusheat Does More Than Heat Up Your Computer

It never fails.When you think we’ve covered every nasty rogue anti-spyware program there is out there, another one rears its ugly head.This time it is in the form of Virusheat and it is one of the newest ones infecting computers world wide.Getting rid of this nasty little program takes a lot patience and the willingness to go step by step to hand remove files because it is so new.Most of the anti-spyware and anti-virus programs available on the market today do not recognize this one yet.

Virusheat’s most current version is 4.4 and the program has commonly been mistaken for VirusHeal, another spyware/malware program that has been plaguing computer users since 2007.When Virusheat alerts you to its presence, it will tell you that your computer is infected with Trojan viruses, especially the virus known smithfraud.G, a malware hoax that malware vendors just love to spread around.How do you get Virusheat?Usually you get by visiting their website or when you pick up the backdoor Trojan virus, Zlob.Either way, you don’t want this pesky program around.

This parasitic program’s website claims the parent company to be located overseas in Riga, Latvia and has been in business since the year 2000.However, when we investigated the website in more detail, we definitely found some inconsistencies that set off plenty of warning bells.For example, the domain was only bought by the fraud company in January of 2008.Like many other rogue security programs, it is hosted in the Ukraine, not Latvia.The company is also the parent of Total Cleaner, another rogue program, and it uses a proven credit card scamming site, if this should happen to pop up on your computer telling you that are seriously infected and can get rid of the infections by purchasing the full blown program, don’t buy it!

Virusheat like many other rogue programs can spread throughout your computer and others by sticking itself to a Trojan virus that may have installed itself onto your computer.It has been known to install additional spyware programs onto your system, install itself unto your computer without permission, repair its own files and update itself, and compromise your privacy and security.It can hijack programs, change registry settings, interfere with your Internet settings, and basically rob you of your money and possibly your sanity before you can get rid of the program.

Rogue spyware/malware programs like Virusheat can cause your entire system to slow down.Because it keeps a track of your Internet browsing habits, you’ll also notice a bunch of unwanted tool bars, spam mails, and pop-ups appearing out of nowhere.It will change your icons, cause the stability of your system to become weak, and will cause problems uninstalling any unwanted programs.

Removing this program will require the use of an anti-spyware program like ZookaWare PC Cleaner and a list of the rogue files that load themselves onto your computer.If you are not experienced in this type of advanced computer use, then ask a professional computer user to help you get rid of them.Check you system using our ZookaWare PC Cleaner program to see if your system is infected with Virusheat or any other spyware/malware.

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