VirusRanger Is A Lone Malware Ranger


If you hear the ‘Lone Ranger’ theme playing when this one shows up on your computer, then you better make sure ‘Kemosabe’ is a good anti-spyware program in your computer program arsenal. VirusRanger is another one of those nasty rogue anti-spyware/anti-malware programs that has come to riding into your computer town to cause havoc. This one cause some nice problems on your computer. Let’s take a look at them.

What kind of trouble does VirusRanger cause?

A lot of trouble. Here is the list.

VirusRanger causes your computer to become instable by using more bandwith than it should or using up system resources that are normally reserved for other applications. It causes malicious programs to run in the background and keep the system bogged down more than it should be.

  • It will connect to the Internet when without your permission, downloading updates and additional spyware programs you didn’t authorize. Plus, it sends updates and reports on your surfing habits to third parties who will use the information for nefarious purposes.
  • Pop-ups, pop-unders and advertisements will appear even if your Internet is not active. Sometimes they will appear so much that you cannot keep up with them and close them before they overtake your screen, forcing you to shut down the computer to make it stop.
  • VirusRanger will hijack your Internet and reset your browser and search pages to websites that you have no interest in visiting. It will even so far as to resetting your browser error pages to send you to these unwanted websites.
  • This nasty program installs files onto your computer that you did not approve and allows them to basically take control of your system to the point that even going into safe mode will not help you clear out the problems.
  • VirusRanger modifies your system registry. Enough said.
  • The program sets up shop in your resident memory so that detection, determent, and removal is difficult without a strong and legitimate anti-spyware program like Spyzooka to remove it.
  • VirusRanger hides all its associated file so deep in your system that the process manager cannot find them and does not provide a method for removal.
  • Attempts to trick you into purchasing the fully licensed version of the program to remove the exaggerated list of viruses and malware it claims is living in your system.

How did VirusRanger get onto my computer in the first place?

Rogue programs like VirusRanger slip onto computer riding piggyback on Trojan viruses such as Zlob, through back door applications from websites, and through unsolicited SPAM mail that you may have opened just out of curiosity because they gave you good sales pitch. The problem with these rogue programs is once they get in the door, they don’t shut it behind them, leaving your computer system vulnerable to attack by other malicious programs and computer hackers.

Once I’ve determined that I have VirusRanger on my computer how do I get rid of it?

The first thing you need to make sure you DON’T do is fall into the trap of believing that its your only hope in getting rid of the junk it says is on your computer. Do not pay for and download the full program. You’ll just be suckered out of your money.

The next thing you need to do is to run a legitimate anti-spyware program to find VirusRanger and all its nasty little friends that have come to play. A good anti-spyware program will remove VirusRanger, all the other spyware and malware it finds, and then set up shop to watch for additional programs and stop them before they get embedded in your computer system.

Finally, run you anti-virus software, making sure it is up to date before you do. Out of date anti-virus software could be the reason why your computer has a Trojan that piggybacked VirusRanger on it in the first place. By always making sure your computer is protected with up to date security programs, you can keep things like VirusRanger safely in malware jail.


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