Vomba Information

Vomba is a content network that distributes adware affiliated with Media Traffic.  Media Traffic is the offspring of Integrated Search Technologies (IST), who is known for products such as ISTBar, Slotch Toolbar, YourSiteBar, and XXXToolbar.  If you are familiar with any of these, you know that they mean no good news for your PC.

Vomba creates a number of screensavers and junk software applications which are normally bundled with other advertising products.  If you’ve made the mistake of installing Vomba, you know that the results are not pretty, bombarding you with unwanted pop-up advertisements.

If you have falling victim to Vomba, remove it immediately.  The problem will only get bigger, and it could eventually slow down your PC or even cause it to crash. Get Vomba before Vomba gets you with anti-spyware removal software.

Vomba file contents:

VombaShots Website.lnk, VombaShots Settings.lnk, VombaShots Manager.lnk, VombaShots.lnk, Vomba.lnk, CrashReport.exe, VombaU.exe, VombaShots_Installer[1].exe, VombaProductsInstaller[1].exe
VombaShots.dll, VombaCheck.dll, vomba.exe, Vomba, VombaShots.exe, VombaShots Manager

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