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Windows AdService is an advertisement delivery software that may be installed via an Active X drive-by download.  It may also be installed when bundled with free software from freeware and shareware file sharing websites.  If you use sites such as KaZaa, Morpheus, iMesh and others, you should know that these are adware breeders and you should be confident that what you are downloading is virus-free.

Windows AdService typically displays pop-up and pop-under advertisements on your computer while you browse the Internet.  Sometimes it installs a toolbar that is used to collect specific data such was keywords that you use while surfing.  This information is sometimes sent to a main server and used to display relevant advertisements that the creator thinks you might like.

While the advertisements initially may be of some interest to you, this is simply a ploy to get you to click them, since this pay-per-click type of advertising is how most of the advertisers make money.  Because you never know how much damage any particular adware software can cause behind the scenes, it is recommended that you remove Windows AdService immediately.

You can fool around with manual removal methods or even second-rate free anti-spyware software, or you can get to the root of the problem and remove Windows AdService and all of its cohorts with the help of ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  This spyware removal software will not only remove Windows AdService, but it can detect and delete all other forms of malicious threats that may impact the performance of your PC.  You don’t want to risk having costly computer repairs because you waited too long.  Get your free PC scan today and say goodbye to Windows AdService and any other spyware, malware, or adware that has set up shop on your PC. .

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