Winfixer Exposed?

Just because you’ve gotten lucky so far and haven’t infected your computer with any bugs, viruses, or spyware when you’ve downloaded free software or even shareware, doesn’t mean you won’t get hit with something sooner or later. Like catching a common cold, you might manage to get through most of the cold season, and just when you think you’re safe, you get slammed. Winfixer is a type of Adware that runs every time you turn on your computer and will try to install itself anywhere in your computer where it can find a nice, cozy home.

It’s the same way with malicious spyware attacks on your computer. Most people have received various offers or even pop-ups that advertise that they are anti spyware software that can seek out and destroy anything that hits your computer and makes it act erratically, but the great majority of those are phoney, and are actually spyware disguised as anti spyware. What’s the difference between adware and spyware? Not much. Adware will try to install itself into your computer, just like spyware, but presents itself as a constant barrage of pop up ads. These ads generate money when people actually click on them. In many cases, adware and spyware are clumped together as a single entity.

What can you do to protect yourself and your computer from such invasions? First of all, you need to understand that this type spyware, like Winfixer, is usually downloaded into your computer via ad supported free and low cost downloading programs. The best example is file and music sharing programs, which is also known in computer linguistics as P2P.

The next best way for spyware/adware such as Winfixer, SpyCrush, Smitfraud and dozens of others to download onto your computer is through open invitation to you, the user, when you inadvertently click on a button to check out that latest offer or the opportunity to view a video or photo from an unknown source. Just like vampires, many forms of spyware and viruses need to be invited into your computer before they can start wreaking havoc.

What is Winfixer?

Winfixer typically announces its presence with a message that states, “Severe System Threats”. It’s enough to freeze most people in their tracks and prompt fast action. You will then be invited to purchase a full version of software that promises to find, isolate and destroy the threats that may endanger your computer. Some signs and symptoms that Winfixer or some other type of spyware has invaded your domain is if you suddenly find yourself being redirected to web browser pages that you didn’t specify to visit. In addition, you may start seeing a dramatic increase in the number of pop up ads that will just about drive you crazy. Sometimes, a message box will appear and the more you click the little X button to close it, dozens more will follow in rapid succession.

As with most spyware attacks, Winfixer is extremely difficult to remove from your system. It’s best to buy a full version of a reputable anti spyware program to fully address such threats. Don’t let parasites infect your computer. Before you are attacked, protect your Internet security with some type of anti spyware software. Think of it as trying to get through the cold or flu season. You might not emerge without getting hit once or twice, but with proper defense, care and steps to protect yourself, the case you end up with may be less dehabilitating in the end.

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