XP Virus Protection Removal Instructions

XP Virus Protection is a rogue antivirus program that is just another scam created by cyber criminals. It infects computers through Trojan horses or browser security holes. Once on the computer, it gives a series of deceptions and scare tactics. Its ultimate goal is to get you to spend money on it. Though it claims to protect computers from viral threat, it does nothing to remove them or prevent them from infecting a computer.

If XP Virus Protection has infected your computer, then it should be removed quickly.

In order to manually remove XP Virus Protection, you should kill the following process:


You should then delete the following registry entry:

HKEY_USERS\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “XP Virus Protection”

Then, you should delete the following file:

C:\Program Files\XPVirusProtection

While this may seem simple enough, and though XP Virus Protection will be removed, it won’t guarantee that your computer is safe. The Trojan that downloaded XP Virus Protection will still be there, and there’s no telling what else it may have downloaded.

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XP Virus Protection file contents :

Known As :
XPVirus Protection,
XP VirusProtection

XP Virus

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