Zenotecnico Adware Removel

Zenotecnico is an Adware program that is disguised as legitimate software.  It delivers unsolicited advertisements to your computer.  Most often, this is pop-up advertising.  Adware tends to compromise a computer’s operating speed and stability.  It is recommended in all cases to remove adware from your computer to maintain maximum performance, stability and security.

If you have been infected by Zenotecnico, you may have gotten it by visiting questionable websites, engaging in peer to peer file sharing, downloading freeware or shareware programs, or other unsafe browsing habits.  In order to maximize your browsing safety, do not indulge in these practices and make sure that your computer’s security settings are at an acceptably high level.

[Kaspersky] AdWare.Win32.ZenoSearch.m, AdWare.Win32.ZenoSearch.q, AdWare.Win32.ZenoSearch.t, AdWare.Win32.ZenoSearch.o, Adware.Win32.ZenoSearch.o
[McAfee] Adware-Zeno
[F-Prot] W32/Backdoor.AAPY
[Other] Adware.ZenoSearch, Adware.ZennoSearch, Zenotecnico, zenosearchassistant

Executable Files:

zeno.lnk, jownw64q.exe, rwwnw64d.exe, kwinosap.exe, inst3.exe, dwdsregt.exe, zigi.exe, kwinpsap.exe, kwinrqez.exe, kwintqez.exe, nwinkrag.exe, nwinlqez.exe, nwinmqez.exe, nwinpsaw.exe, lwinksaw.exe, lwinmrag.exe, lwinnsap.exe, lwintqag.exe, mwinkqez.exe, mwinnag.exe, mwinnsai.exe, mwinprag.exe, mwinqqez.exe, nwinqqez.exe, nwinssaw.exe, owinkqez.exe, winmqez.exe, owinnrag.exe, owinrqez.exe, owinssag.exe, pwinpsap.exe, pwintrai.exe, zxinst12.exe, pwinlqez.exe, tcntaxdm.exe, zifi002.exe, tsysytd8.exe, ssyszu2r.exe, ssyssz6r.exe, rkdsregs.exe, nwinlsap.exe, twinkrai.exe, inst_drca02.exe, dwdsregt.exe, cafez.exe, dm.exe, dq.exe, dwdsregt(2).exe, dwdsrngt.exe, iwznyecx.dll, jjwnw64q.exe, jkwnw64s.exe, kwinkldq.exe, kwintkdq.exe, kwintoea.exe, kwintoeb.exe, lcntlkdn.exe, lwinnmdt.exe, lwinpldq.exe, lwinsoea.exe, lwinsqag.exe, mcntttdm.exe, mldsregk.exe, modsregj.exe, ms03794031744.exe, mwinosap.exe, mwinssag.exe, ncnttkdn.exe, nldsrego.exe, npdsregp.exe, ocntntdl.exe, pwinrodv.exe, qcntrtdl.exe, rldsregj.exe, rldsregk.exe, rwinmndt(2).exe, rwinmndt.exe, rwinmodt.exe, rwwnw64d.exe, sudoku_setup.exe, swinmoea.exe, swinmoeb.exe, swinmoed.exe, sys99.exe, T0CHD001.exe, t0chd001_c.exe, thinksnet.exe, tichd001.exe, tielt001.exe, tiskfr7.exe, tisky002.exe, tisky008(2).exe, tisky008.exe, ysysru6d.exe, zdinst_corn001.exe

Registry Keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/uninstallenhanced ads by zeno
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/uninstallzeno search assistant
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/un sysstart

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